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We were fortunate to be at Lost Lake on the weekend when the Okanogan Highlands Alliance was leading a native plant walk on the 65 acres of wetlands and uplands they purchased last year. It is a remarkable place with an incredible variety of botanical species, some quite rare, and I feel lucky that the OHA was able to preserve this spot and share it with the public. George Thornton, president of their board, led the walk. He has many years of experience doing plant surveys for the US Forest Service and is well versed in the flora of the region. And he’s a good trip leader; in his other life he is a school teacher.


George ponders a question about the forest.


Bog Orchid


Gentianella propinqua
fourpart dwarf gentian


Lots of lupines blooming everywhere


Pyrola asarifolia
pink wintergreen


Twinflower (I need to get its Latin name)


As I paddled my boat, I was fascinated by the various shapes of the waterlillies. I don’t know if these are natives or not.




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  1. The twinflower’s scientific name is: Linnaea borealis. It is one of the few species (I can’t think of another species) named in honor of Carl Linnaeus, the person who developed the system of binomial nomenclature.

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