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Not enough snow for skiing but cold enough that a person needs to wear warm clothes. The dogs don’t seem to mind. Few birds around. I did see my first of the season Northern Shrike. Also Black-billed Magpie, Mountain Chickadees, Common Raven, Northern Flicker and Red-tailed Hawk.

This time of year, activity at the bird feeders picks up. For the first time we are trying a platform feeder and it is very popular. Finches and quail and other birds are really enjoying it. And the Steller’s Jays have returned. We haven’t seen them here since before the fire in 2014! There are lots of woodpeckers – Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers and Northern Flickers too.

We got out twice in recent days to hike around Pipestone Canyon – once with Molly and Mary and again with Angus and Marcy. The first day was sunny with a bad inversion that kept smoke down in the valley. Yesterday was gray with thick fog at times. The first day we went to the east side of the canyon up to the overlook and yesterday the west side and through the canyon bottom. Different views of an amazing geologic wonder here in the Methow.

Last days on the road. A visit to Yaquina Head Lighthouse and an amazing sunset on the beach.

In Oregon again. I thought another misty morning would be good for photographing the water but then, to my surprise, the sun came out.

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