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Mary Ann volunteered to help me with my canine agility jumps yesterday and in the morning she sent me an email that said “We have brand new baby lambs!” Oh my gosh, how sweet is that? The twin boys were born yesterday morning just hours before I arrived! And they were already walking around and sniffing things and getting to know each other and their mother. One has longer wavy hair and the other tightly curled hair with brown legs and brown spots. Really, they are just so cute! Who doesn’t love baby animals? And yesterday was a gorgeous bluebird day for a birthday celebration. Mary Ann said by today they will be bouncing around. I can picture them bouncing in today’s first day of Spring snowfall!




Hello world!



Who are you?


He looks thoughtful


Everything is a new experience



 Still needs a little bit of cleaning





Oh look – a blue bucket. What’s a blue bucket?


 And orange twine



Ahhhh, shucks.


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  1. Amazing!!! What a fantastic experience for you!

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