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What happens when nine women gather in a well-stocked kitchen when one of the women has proposed an Indian cooking evening? Good times, Great aromas, Wonderful food, and Lots of Laughs. This new group, the Lady Chatterlys, has chosen to learn about a variety of topics – a different one each month. This month it was Indian cooking. Next month it is a critique of capitalism. An interesting bunch, that’s for sure. Teresa is an enthusiastic teacher with a real passion for food. If nothing else, we learned two terms – curry means gravy and masala means mix.


Aromatic and beautiful spices


Sliced green chiles and ginger


Coriander seeds


All of these spices were roasted and then ground to make the curry masala


Chopping potatoes


The start of the chicken curry


Curry leaves into the hot oil. Curry leaves are not related to curry powder.

Rather they lend a citrus flavor to food.


Curry leaves and cumin seed


Asafoetida powder, also known as hing



Add the potatoes to all those wonderful flavors!


And dried mango powder



Dough for naan bread


Forming our naans



And some vegetables for a fresh kachumber side dish


Ok, the naans are in the oven. Now what?

The start of coconut chutney – Greek yogurt and coconut


Naan coming out of the oven


More seeds and spices for the coconut chutney



Melted ghee for the naan


And fresh garlic too!


The finished potatoes


The finished curry – can’t you just sense the anticipation in the room?

 There was more food and of course there was the eating and there was mango lassi to top it off.

Lots of fun and shared good food. Thank you Teresa.



  1. Looks like a great time and delicious food!

  2. What a fun day that looks!!! Cooking with my friends is one of things I’m missing about being so far away from home! Always such fun and yummy things to eat at the end of the day 🙂

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