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After ten days of travel we have arrived at our destination – Sanibel Island. What a place to be! We are feeling very grateful for this gift.

We stayed last night at Crystal River so Ken could experience swimming with manatees and then drove the remaining 230 miles of our 1400 mile road trip.

After unpacking we walked to the beach on a trail that crossed a slough. There, I was hoping to maybe see a new bird. The first thing I noticed was big and gray. With barnacles on its back. A manatee! We shared the sighting with others walking by. And I did see a new bird there – a Green Heron. This, along with Little Blue and Tri-colored Herons that I saw this morning and the White-rumped Sandpiper at the rest area by the cool bridge AND the Wood Stork along the freeway made for a good bird day.


The cool bridge across Tampa Bay


I know you can’t see it but there is a manatee on the far shore


And on this image there is an Osprey. I am impressed by their numbers and that they are not bothered by human activity in this part of the world


To the beach



Gulf waters on my feet. So warm. I have never before felt warm ocean water.


My first Sanibel shell


White Ibises


Thank you Paul and Corly

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  1. These are really lovely images. Makes me long for the beach!

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