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I know, I keep flipping between vacation posts and life here at home but, you know what? Life’s Everyday Photos just never quit. There’s always something interesting happening. Look around you.

Ken’s new bees arrived early, while we were in Florida so our friends Don and Mary who had volunteered to mentor Ken in his first year of beekeeping, took them in til we returned. Last Friday Ken and Don brought them up here and yesterday they opened up the hives to see how they were doing.


The crew – all dressed up with someplace to go, bees buzzing around them


Lifting the first frame from the first hive. Look – no gloves.


A good sign – the bees have been busy.


An extra dab of comb from the feeder area


He likes this.


Examining a drone. They have no stinger.


The second hive


Is that the queen?


We need a better look.


So far, so good.


He wanted a new facebook image


Buttoning things up



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