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Life’s been busy recently and I’ve had little time for personal work. Couple that with an aching back and I’ve just not had anything recent to post.

Last week I got away with a friend for a few days of (car) camping in the Okanogan Highlands and the Sinlahekin valley. We planned  some serious birding adventures and were not disappointed. By the end of four days we had seen 114 species and along the way, we saw a few other things as well.


The Okanogan Highlands clouds are always spectacular


And then there’s litter


Lost Lake, where we stayed for two nights. One of my all time favorite camping spots.


Dog at the Chesaw Store


Phone booth at the Chesaw Store.

This area is so close to Canada that if you have your cell phone on, it will connect to Canadian cell towers and your bill will show extra and possibly unexpected charges.


Molson is an old ghost town between Oroville and Chesaw



Camp coffee


Camp site in the Sinlahekin valley

I have a few photos of birds to share and will get them posted soon.



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