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It’s hard to believe that July is already more than half over. Before we know it, fall will be here and we will be thinking about skiing again! But for now, the weather is very summery. Hot days interupted by exciting thunder storms. The storms have produced quite a bit of rain and even hail. The rain’s been good for garden crops; the hail is probably hard on the fruit trees.


Grass seedheads are starting to dry and turn gold.

Serviceberries are very ripe. Our dogs enjoy a serviceberry snack on a walk.


Sockeye salmon season is in full swing on the Columbia. Here Ken is showing off a fillet from one of the beautiful fish he caught this week. This fish is sushi quality.


The tourist town of Winthrop is full of dogs and kids and others seeking respite from either the heat or the thunderstorms or looking for refreshment and shopping opportunities!


Lots of motorcycles in town too. The Rhythm and Blues Festival is this weekend.


Winthrop reflection


At home, raspberries need to be picked, again.


First canned food of the summer


And look! The first ripe tomato!


  1. SLow down!!! We are right in the heart of summer!!!

  2. That really is a beautiful fish. GUs would like to eat it and then have me make him throw it up.

  3. He just brought home five more of those beautiful fish! None for Gus. We’d share with you though.

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