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As Luna and I travelled from Deer Park (north of Spokane) to home, we made some stops along the way. I always figure there is no point in travelling straight through in the most direct manner if you have some time to spare. After two days of agility trials, Luna was ready for some ground-sniffing walks without leashes. We both enjoyed the fresh air of autumn in the woods.


Happy Dog


Beautiful Ponderosa Pine trees


Love those undulating hills


These mushrooms almost looked good enough to eat but I’m not one to experiment


Golden Western Larch needles carpet the trail


This is a nice boardwalk over a wetland that is probably teeming with birds in the spring and summer. We only heard a few chickadees and siskens.


And a cool bird blind but no birds were in sight


I wonder how long ago this tree was cut down


Near the summit of Sherman Pass, it was quite cold and silent.


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