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Every Spring, it’s a big project to move the finished compost to the garden beds and turn over last year’s accumulation of garden waste for next year’s compost. Sunday, despite forecasts of 30% chance of showers and some high winds, I was going to take care of the compost.


Getting started. You can see that the mountains are obscured by the ‘scattered showers.



There’s my two-year-old compost. It filled the pallets a year ago.



And that is last year’s garden waste.



The whole setup is framed with seven pallets held together with baling twine from old straw or rotten hay bales.



Beautiful compost! Gardener’s gold.



My garlic was planted and mulched last fall.



And it gets compost to get it through the growing season.



With some help from Ken all of the compost is distributed to various garden beds and one flower bed.



Here is a cross section of last year’s gardening efforts!

Shortly after this image, it began to rain and then it rained pretty hard. The wind blew and it snowed sideway too.



Once the storm passed I returned to the compost project. Here I am getting through the hard part of turning it over and moving it. Also, I replaced the center pallet. It was rotting away at the bottom. There is old horse manure in the wheelbarrow that I layered in the pile. It will help it ‘heat up’ and break down.



There it is finished. I topped it with some of the dead grass from our lawn mixed with some more manure.


Next year’s compost!



All tidied up and ready for more garden waste



And the garden beds with the compost spread around and garlic mulched again. In the background you can see the beehives. Since it was so cold, they were not out and about.





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