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This is the height of the wildflower season on our hill. The elevation of our house is about 1850′ and the colors of spring can be fleeting in this arid climate. Yesterday, before the wind came up, I was particularly struck with the beauty and diversity of this dry site’s wildflowers. Last week’s warm weather has been replaced with the more expected breezy and cool weather of spring.


Balsamroot, Balsamorhiza sagittata – the signature spring flower of for this valley



Thompson’s paintbrush (I think), Castilleja thompsonii






Calochortus sp (sometimes referred to as Cat’s ear)



Agoseris sp., again I am not sure



I am pretty sure this is bastard toadflax (not a pretty name for a delicate flower), however where I have seen it before it was more of a salmon color. Comandra umbellata






Columbia puccoon, Lithospermum ruderale



Bitterbrush, Purshia tridentata



Lupine, Lupinus sp



And another view of balsamroot, looking down-valley to Balky Hill and beyond


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    • Alan and Marcia Ringgold
    • Posted May 13, 2013 at 8:03 am
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    Nicole has always touted the beauty of Spring time Methow Valley. Unfortunately Spring for us is on Cape Cod. Thanks for sharing what it’s all about. We will see your and our properties one of these beautiful days.

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