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We live in a big house that needs lots of maintenance. This year we are checking off various projects, catching up on stuff we should have been doing all along. This past week we almost finished the painting project we started last year. Ken and I did the ‘easy’ stuff in 2012 – painting walls and supports that we could reach from a ‘not too tall’ ladder. For the higher stuff we hired the pros and then we had them do the doors too. I am always impressed to see someone who knows what she’s doing do a job in an efficient manner when we struggle with the same seemingly simple task. The job would have been finished but the rented Genie lift stopped working repeatedly. Like our house, it seems to be in need of some maintenance.

The place looks terrific and we are pleased to have made so much progress.





Kerri is very good at driving the lift



That’s the window into my loft/office



Ah, yes, they know how to fix this thing…..



Next day, sure enough, it does work when the temperature is cooler. This view is from my loft/office looking out the other side of the house.



garage door

See that blue trim? It’s supposed to be neutral gray. Paint colors are SO fickle.



one side garage door



the other side garage door



front door


All these photos are from my phone.

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  1. I’m impressed the dog was able to help model the garage door. Looks good.

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