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We stayed three nights at Kokanee Creek while we visited Nelson and also Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. It is located on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake – a large body of water that reminds me of the reservoirs on the Columbia River. It may be historically part of a natural lake however it is now held back by a dam and dike system. Ken learned that it is known for very large trout or kokanee (landlocked) salmon. He fished two or three times and got one bite but was not able to bring it up to the kayak. I paddled across the lake early one morning when it was perfectly still and enjoyed the feeling of big water. It’s been a long time since I’ve paddled anything besides small lakes. But then the ski boats started up and they are a bit nerve-wracking from the low exposure of a sea kayak.

Kokanee Creek drains out of the Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park and is a pretty stream where the kokanee salmon go to spawn. We were a bit early to see them. Seeing lots of Osprey around, we figured that it would not be long til the fish went upstream. I spent some time wading in the creek trying to get the ‘perfect’ moving water photo. It probably still eludes me.



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