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For years, I have wanted to go to Nelson, British Columbia and on this road trip, I finally had the chance to see it. Boy, was I disappointed. Not because it lacks things to do or see or eat, but because the weather was hot and it was a tourist destination. It reminded me that I do not enjoy Winthrop, the town closest to where I live, in the summertime. Is that a bad thing for me to admit? I hope not. I like Winthrop during the fall, winter and spring seasons but between Labor Day and Memorial Day, it’s just too busy and often it is very hot. That’s how Nelson was the day we visited. Busy and hot. The people watching was interesting. We had a decent lunch. We found a good place for a beer. We probably could have found ice cream too. That’s all just the same as Winthrop. Being that it was so warm, we did not feel like searching for the interesting neighborhoods or finding the cool trails or even exploring the waterfront. I think I’d like to visit again – maybe in June or September or maybe even in winter. Many people were enthusiastic about the skiing in the region.

Here are a few images from the day.

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  1. Teri,
    Since I live in Kettle Falls, lived in the Northport area for 15 or more years, and my daughter was in a Canadian figure skating club for 8 years, I have many times visited Nelson. My last trip was in early July this year. It felt different this time. It has gotten busier and everything is more expensive. It used to be more of “just a small town” with a funky element and a good co-op. We did enjoy the Saturday market and a walk along the water. I imagine it is the same with Winthrop–the years have changed it. Nelson is still on the way to some beautiful country, so I will continue to stop in there now and then.

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