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What’s a New Years Eve party without a campfire and some fireworks and other fun? Several good friends joined us to ring in 2014 last night with good food, warm fires, some alcohol, dogs and music too! We started inside with food and beer and wine and moved outside to a campfire with some music, s’mores, more to drink and a few bottle rockets. Later, when we determined that it was 2014 somewhere, maybe not here, we started the big New Years Pyre. And we turned it into a sacrifice to the snow gods. Someone said that Ullr (I need to look this up) is the winter god and if we could appease him, maybe, just maybe and if we did a snow dance too, maybe we would get some snow. Soon. We hope. So Ken added an old classic three pin binding ski to the pyramid shaped pyre that also had some sparklers and other pyrotechnics. As we watched it all go up in flames, we shared a big bottle of champagne and our fine friendships and looked forward to 2014 with optimistic anticipation.

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