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This bird arrived at our house last night and roosted in the darkness and is still here this morning. I wonder if it will remember where it belongs and head home or if it is hopelessly lost? It seems unafraid of me. The dogs make it nervous. The bird makes Sky nervous. Sky’s not used to birds that sit on the railing and stare at her. The pigeon is very pretty with the iridescence associated with these birds. Both of its legs have bands. I imagine I could catch the bird and read them but then what would I do? Is there an online registry for homing pigeons? And what does it eat? Would it enjoy some black oil sunflower seeds that I feed the wild birds? If I catch it, should I try to confine it til its owner is found?


  1. If you call Brad Martin, I’m guessing he will know.  Maybe he got caught in an updraft and got disoriented.  Nice pics!


    • Ken caught Homer, the pigeon last night and will take him across the valley this morning. While he is a pretty bird and we generally like him, he tends to roost on the porch and poop on everything.

  2. Thanks. I will give him a call.

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