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The reality is that these wildfires are going to continue til the snow falls. More than 250,000 acres have burned already and while some areas of the fires are contained, others are not. Fire managers will probably let some areas burn up to the Tripod fire where no homes or roads are threatened. Tripod burned nearly 200,000 acres in 2006 and we thought that was the biggest fire we would see around here. Other areas of the fires are being fought with forces – helicopters, water trucks and ground crews – to keep them from spreading towards Twisp, Chelan and Okanogan. Anyway, I need to get used to smoke in the air and flames on the horizon. At night, the fires are mesmerizing. It’s hard to tear my eyes away from them. Of course, after dark is the nicest time to be outside since recent high temperatures during the day have been over 100 degrees, fahrenheit.

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  1. […] by lightning last month. This is the fire we could see from our house. Photos of it burning are here. We got home just as the next big rain storm with thunder and lightning was […]

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