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We have been away for two weeks on a road trip to California. There are many, many photos from that trip to edit and I have yet to get started. Lots of images of dogs playing in the surf. Prepare yourself. But for the moment I thought I’d share a few flower photos.

When we left, most of the ground on our hillside was covered with snow. Now it’s all gone. The ash-covered dirt is ready for spring and in some places it is already covered with a fresh blush of new green grasses. And if I look closely I can find tiny wildflowers. Some of them seem to be flourishing after last year’s fire. It’s a relief to see color on our landscape again.


  1. The seedling clump is bitterbrush. Mice gather and stash the seeds which is why they appear in clumps. With the seedlings coming up in our road, I’m going to try transplanting them in the burned areas on our property. I haven’t yet researched how well they survive transplantation, but the ones in the road will die anyway, so I’m going to try it. (Cindy/Carlton)

  2. Oh that’s interesting. I had no idea. There are many, many clumps coming up on our burned hillside. We are not anxious to have lots and lots of bitterbrush again but some will be nice.

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