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Meanwhile, I’ve barely made a dent in the photos from our road trip.

We enjoyed watching surfers playing at Sand Dollar Beach. The weather was so perfect and the water so clear and blue. It looks quite different from the Pacific on the coast of Washington. We went to the beach in the morning before the crowds arrived and again in the evening for sunset. Most folks were there in the heat of the day. When we left late in the morning there was a steady stream of folks walking down the steep stairs to the beach.


  1. My boyfriend and I (back in the 80’s) used to go to the beach around dawn on Sundays. It was in Pacific Palisades, where Sunset Blvd ended at Pacific Coast Hwy. I watched him surf for a few hours, then we would drive just about a mile up Sunset to a really nice restaurant for Sunday brunch with the local gentry…getting lots of stares for our obvious just-off-the-beach rumpledness…then leave a conspicuously large tip just to freak them out. The winner was always our server, a regular who knew us, because those snobs then had to up the ante in front of the remaining snobs to prove they weren’t cheap! Sure takes me back to my California days.

  2. Fun times!

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