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We spent three days in the Big Sur area and wished we had time for more. It was lovely and the weather was over the top nice. Even the views of and from the highway were superb. We saw migrating whales at most every overlook. We stopped at one place each time we went by in hopes of seeing a California Condor and sure enough, as we were headed north, Ken finally found one and we each had brief glimpses of it. The water of the Pacific looks different along the California coast compared to the Washington coast. Maybe because there are so many more rivers emptying into the ocean up here.


  1. Back in my hippie days, I would make the trek up to Big Sur about once a month…usually picking up hitch-hikers along the way (back then it WAS Love & Peace and we didn’t fear for our safety)…and it was just an incredible vibe going on.

    As for the condors, no mistaking that bird cruising by! I got to see one back in 1978, from my father-in-law’s back yard in Fillmore, Ca. before they were all captured for the captive breeding program. The condor’s ancestral home in the Sespe Wilderness is in the backyard of Fillmore. Also got to spend a few hours with Topa Topa, an imprinted condor briefly on display at the L.A. Zoo. He is one of the earlier captive birds, so his breeding status is an important piece of the breeding program. He was a lonely fellow and seemed to enjoy my company…hung out in the corner closest to me, talked to me, tossed a stick and pounced on it…clearly wanted me to throw it for him. Not one other visitor came by his cage…a huge flight cage on the side of a hill and off the beaten path. I felt sorry for him.

  2. Funny to think that the big bird was playful like that. Great story!

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