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It’s been kind of a difficult last month or so with the loss of my mother-in-law and other more minor challenges and I haven’t found myself doing much photography for fun. And I’m also into the start of a busy wedding photography season so I seldom even pick up a camera for fun unless it’s the cell phone, always in my pocket. You can see what I’ve been doing with that right here.

Yesterday, despite a sore back, I made myself take the big DSLR on a walk around our hill and find something, anything to photograph. There are still some wildflowers around and the weeds are abundant. While we have made a good dent in the knapweed/barnaby and the mullein, other undesirable species are flourishing. Maybe next year we can take on some new ones.


  1. Love your pix. Agree about the damn composites. Occasionally I figure one out. And now the names have all changed and “they” (whoever they are) keeps moving them around.

  2. I wondered where you went…or what was going on. That fine line between privacy and concern is tricky in today’s blogging world. My sympathies to both of you on your loss. I too know the frustration over having to work just when I want to be left to take care of my own garden, or yard, or house…or even go birding.

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