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Last night’s power outage made for a darker than usual night. No moon and no hazy skies also provided good looks at stars and meteors and even the northern lights! We are lucky to have less light pollution than a lot of places.

The dogs thought I was nuts standing out there in the dark and they went inside to bed. I was only up til midnight when it seemed like the aurora faded away. This morning I learned that they were even more dramatic in the wee hours of the morning. A girl’s got to sleep sometime!

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  1. Funny (not!) how we take light pollution for granted until the power is out and we can see what we have been missing. The added beauty of an auroral display is one more thing to love about the PNW. For me it was the power outage during the Northridge earthquake. It was pretty strange, and awesome, to see all those stars 11 miles from downtown L.A.

    These are just beautiful.

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