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SW Trip part 1


Yesterday I returned from a ten-day roadtrip in Arizona, Nevada and southern California. It was a whirlwind journey with a new adventure everyday in places I’ve never visited before. My friends Jennifer and Judy, otherwise known as Notable Exceptions and also two thirds of Horse Crazy Cowgirl Band, have been touring in the SW since November and invited me to join them for a two week break from their musical gigs. It was a great opportunity for me to see a new part of the country and spend time with friends. They travel in a 33 foot motorhome with two cats and a dog.

Our first stop was the St Xavier Mission near Tucson. Actually our first stop was Trader Joes but I didn’t make any pictures there. According to its website, the mission is ‘the oldest intact European structure in Arizona’. Construction was started in 1783. It has suffered from an earthquake and a lightning strike. Work continues to restore the building. We were awe-struck by the colorful paintings and sculptures inside the church. The colors are vibrant and full of warmth and life. We were also impressed by cool temperature of the interior. Its thick walls protect it from the desert heat. On the day I arrived it was over 80. Only a side door away from the sun, was open and inside it was nearly chilly.

I know little about the Catholic traditions so much of what I observed was a mystery to me but I could not help but be in awe of the majesty of the mission.


  1. Really my favorite photos so far

  2. Beautiful. I think your non-catholic background gave a particularly sensitive and exciting view.

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