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SW Trip part 9

It’s been quite a road trip so far with more to come. Fortunately we were not tied to a specific schedule except to get me to the airport on time. Between the Grand Canyon and Death Valley we were able to stop for a break at the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel. We’d seen it on the map and hadn’t a clue what it was. Thinking maybe that it could be a venue for Notable Exceptions or Horse Crazy, we took a chance and stopped the coach during a hot afternoon on our way to Death Valley.

The Pacific Coast Borax Company built the adobe structures between 1923 and 1925 as a company town. Marta Beckett, a dancer, discovered the abandoned buildings in 1967 and agreed to rent it for $45 a month and take care of needed repairs. She had her first performance in February 1968 and continued to perform three nights a week until retiring in 2012! There continue to be regularly scheduled performances under the current management. The hotel and gift shop have been restored and are also open.

I was charmed by the architecture and the history. I would have loved to go inside the opera house and see Marta’s paintings and murals. Another trip.

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