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Sometimes a hike doesn’t go as planned. This one was thwarted by wide, cold creeks. I removed my socks and shoes and crossed one only to find another one just around the corner! Then I remembered that last fall these two creeks were tiny and also, there were many more tiny creeks so after just an hour on the trail I turned back. I could still go to the lake that I had bypassed to save for later. Ready to cross the creek again, I saw a group of friends who I’d seen at the trailhead with their three dogs. They too, had been thwarted when they tried to get to the lake. One of their dogs was old and could not make a necessary log crossing. Three of their group had gotten across the same creek where I was and upon hearing it wouldn’t be the last one, they turned back too. Not before we attempted to get a photo of the five dogs. It was probably the worst circumstance for a group dog photo. Two of the dogs are black; two are blonde and one is a light colored basset hound. And the lighting was mottled shadows in the forest. Oh well. It was a fun attempt.

After the photo attempt, we parted company and I took a short spur trail that went to the near side of the lake. It had some hard packed snow on it and then there was some mud that I tried to skirt around. Well, that was a bad idea. I slipped and found myself ankle deep in mud with my socks and shoes soaked and dirty. The dogs, in the meantime were at the lake wondering what was taking me so long! I was able to rinse the mud off and left the socks and shoes in the sun to partially dry while I ate my sandwich and threw sticks for the dogs.

It was a beautiful day and the dogs had fun and the scenery was lovely.

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