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Last weekend Marcy and I hiked to Windy Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a pleasant hike – never steep – with outstanding views all along the way. In addition to the fantastic views of the North Cascades a hiker gets to see evidence from the mining adventures dating back to the 1890’s. Given the rough and narrow road that we have to drive nowadays to get to the trailhead, it is amazing to imagine miners traveling to these distant mountains on foot or horseback and hauling immense loads of equipment too. One spot in the road is called Deadhorse Point and scares the beejebers out of some folks in cars.

Guthrie, Marcy’s dog blew out his knee last year and is just a year out from surgery and injuring his other knee. It’s good to see him running and grinning with the other dogs. Even with three dogs we got to see a little bit of wildlife including lots of ground squirrels and a few grouse.

As we finished our lunch and got ready to head back, we heard a familiar voice and saw a friend from the Okanogan. He had scaled nearby Tamarack Peak and joined us for the hike back to the parking area.

The weather was cool and sunny – perfect for a late summer hike on the PCT.


  1. Teri – have you ever run across bear or wolves on your hikes- anything where you were concerned for your safety or for the dogs?

    • I’ve never seen a wolf here. They are around and others have seen them and they could potentially pose a hazard for the dogs. We were once in a place where Luna was fretful and I found out later that it was a well-used wolf territory. She had reason to be fretful. We have seen a cougar in the winter and bears. The cougar is a potential danger while black bears generally are not. They usually are going away when we see them.

      I tend to favor open country hikes rather than deeply forested ones so that makes us less likely to surprise a predator animal.

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