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Another day with bluebird blue skies and cold temperatures. It started quietly with a good breakfast and a brisk dog walk.

Carl joined Ken later in the day to prepare the big bonfire. The pine tree that fell across our road on Thanksgiving provided most of the wood and some pallets held it all together. There were sparklers and smoke bombs added for more visual appeal. Sky was skeptical about the whole process. Why on earth would we want to burn up all of those good sticks?

We had a regular campfire early in the evening so people could keep warm while waiting for the New Year. Everyone took turns at making ‘stick people’ out of real sticks, twine and a little wire as needed. The stick figures were hung from the bonfire in preparation to ward off any evil lurking in wait for 2017.

Dogs were sent inside and the fire was lit at 10 pm. It was a great success, starting slowly and then engulfing the pine, sending up great clouds of sparks. Gradually it collapsed on itself leaving a massive pile of hot coals that kept us warm til well into the early morning hours of 2017.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy new year Teri, Ken, Luna and my ever loving Sky!

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