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When it’s winter here, it’s frequently very, very nice in other places – places where there are exotic birds, tropical flowers and clear turquoise water. I was lucky enough to visit one of those places recently. I returned home this week to singing Red-winged Blackbirds (a sure sign of spring) and more new snow. Yesterday we received another five inches of wet heavy snow. And I came down with a head cold. It’s hard to believe that just a few days ago I was enjoying the warmth and humidity of Central America with my long-time good friend, Kim. This trip is the beginning of the celebration of one of those big milestone birthdays for both of us. It was my husband’s idea and part of it was a gift from him. Many thanks to Ken for the good idea and the gift!

Our first stop was Belize City, the former capital. It is a mix of new and old and rundown and downright ruined. We found a pleasant enough walk along the seashore although we were disappointed by the amount of trash we saw.

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