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On another day we had a tour of the Altun Ha Mayan temples. This site is nearer to Belize City and easily accessible by car or bus. It is in more of a park-like setting than Lamini and adjacent to the community of Rockstone Pond. The flattened area that had a limestone platform similar to Lamini, has been planted with grass because the tourists frequently slipped on the wet limestone. Our guide, Anne Marie showed us through the visitors’ center and told us about the history before showing us around the site. She didn’t accompany us to the pyramid tops but waited patiently in the shade down below.

A ten pound solid jade head in the form of Kinich Ahau, the Sun God was found at Altun Ha and is now under lock and key at the Central Bank of Belize. One of the pyramids is featured on the logo for Belikan beer, the most popular beer in Belize.


  1. The photographs are beautiful. I love the feel of the greens and the blues. They look rather like they are out of a painting.

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