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We saw a few other animals on the caye. I think the hermit crabs were the most interesting. At night they were everywhere. It was really important to use our headlamps so we wouldn’t step on them. They hide in the bushes during the heat of the day and come out before the sun goes down. In the morning we’d see the artwork their tracks left on the canvas of sand. If they come across a new bigger shell, they may fight to take it over! The island is a ‘no souvenir’ place which means we could not take home any seashells.

The big gray lizard is a wish willie or a black iguana. However we were told that they are NOT iguanas. They are vegetarians. They sure did look like the green iguana I saw at Crooked Tree. And there were little anoli lizards flitting around during the day. Very quick and hard to photograph.


  1. I want a wish Willie for a pet!

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