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My generous husband bought me an underwater camera to take to Belize! I was very excited to try it and you can imagine my disappointment when the first time I put it in the water, it failed. On my first day on the Caye. Oh my gosh. I decided not to let it ruin my experience and later that week, Kim gave me her underwater camera to try. She wasn’t even sure it if it still worked since it was old and not recently tested. It did work very well and I was excited to use it!

I learned that there are people who watch fish like others watch birds! They know the names and have life lists too. I am mostly content to just watch them and enjoy their colors and movements in the fluid world. I have little snorkeling experience and I feel like a complete outsider under the surface so I mostly like to float and watch. The naturalist at the camp tried to teach us the names of the fish families and how to ID them but for me, none of that stuck. I did recognize a flounder and a shark.


  1. What stunning photographs 🙂

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