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Have you been to Bisbee, Arizona? It’s a fun little town built into steep canyon walls in the southeast corner of the state. Just downstream from Bisbee is an active open pit copper mine. Mining is what brought the white people to Bisbee and there is a great museum that tells many of the mining stories.

Bisbee is full of old brick buildings. Like many towns from that era, it suffered from structure fires and so most of it was rebuilt with brick and stone. There are lots of little shops and restaurants and lots of good music and visual art too. A person could spend days poking around in Bisbee.

The Lunatic Fringe Luthiery

Gretchen Baer car art

Here is the road trip worthy song that Jennifer and Judy performed when we visited the Luthiery:




  1. HI Teri, love your photo essays! My dad was born and raised in Bisbee. My mom and he spent their first 7 married years there. Love it, though have mixed feelings about its evolution into an artsy venue rather than a working town (candle shops where miners and merchants once caught the train….). Fun hiking in the Mule Mountains and more majestic Huachucas and Chiracahuas- one never knows what intriguing animal one might encounter. Best wishes, Anna Pidgeon (worked with Ken at the YIN a few decades ago)

    • Thanks Anna. It’s definitely more of a tourist town but not one that I’d call a tourist trap. So much art and music to enjoy. I think it is becoming a bit of a retirement place too.

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