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The girls and I looked at our calendars and realized that we had five days with nothing scheduled and the air quality around here was going downhill due to forest fires both nearby and farther away in Canada. So we packed the camper with food and bedding and headed to NW Washington, specifically to the Mount Baker area.

There are only two campgrounds in between the town of Glacier and Artist Point, with about fifty campsites and most of those are reserveable six months in advance. Well, of course, we didn’t plan our lives six months in advance so I asked at the ranger station in Glacier and got some advice on dispersed camping. I had hoped to be higher in the mountains, closer to Mt Baker and Artist Point but we ended up just 4 1/2 miles out of Glacier on a bumpety bump road. The good thing (ask Sky) is that we were right on the north fork of the Nooksack River. There was clean glacial water and a couple of areas deep enough for Sky to swim. I also saw American Dippers along the edges. How they can see through all that glacial flour, I don’t know but they were diving for food.

We did not escape the smoke and Monday and Tuesday were particularly bad but not as bad as here.

Here are a few scenes from near our campsite.


  1. Quality time! It’s good to be away from the crowd. Great photos.

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