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I had heard of Artist Point over the years but had never made the trip to see it. Believe me, it’s worth the trek. It’s only open a few months of the year due to the huge amount of snow it receives every winter. DOT crews work hard to get it open for mid-summer to fall visitors.

On the way to Artist Point you pass by the Mount Baker downhill ski area and at the entry to the main area is a wonderful and enormous sculpture of two ravens by artist Tony Angell. It’s worth a stop too.

The girls and I had driven up on Monday when it was still quite smoky and were amazed at how many people were there even with no views of the mountains. There were trails through the rocks and remaining snow patches and wildflowers too. On Thursday we went back up for the evening and found very few people and we also found that the snow was quickly melting. Luna enjoyed what snow she did find. The air was more clear and we had great views of Mt Shuksan and a tolerable view of Baker considering how bad it had been.

The air quality has gotten even worse and I’m glad we were there last week. Air quality here at home is terrible and we barely go outside and I wear a N95 mask when I do venture out. This can’t be good for the dogs or the wildlife.

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