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We’ve been home for over two weeks now and I’ve finally finished editing the 4000+ raw image files I brought back with me. The girls are still anxious to get in the car and go places. I thought maybe they would be tired of travel but no, anytime, anywhere, they are ready. They were great traveling dogs. They got along with everyone they saw on the trail and in the campgrounds and everyone that met them said they were well-behaved dogs and SOOO good looking. We all kept each other warm during the long cold nights, piled up under wool blankets and down comforter.

The car and the tent trailer worked well for over 4000 miles and I was happy to have a trouble-free trip. People worried about me traveling alone (what? dogs don’t count?) but we never had any problems along the way. No one ever stepped on a cactus or got bit by snakes. Good luck? Good karma? It all just felt right. And the endless sunny days and star-filled nights. Oh my.

My favorite part of the trip was all of the hiking in Utah. It was fabulous and really, I only just touched the surface of the places I visited. There is so much more to see.

I had intended to take selfies all along the way but I only managed one. It was at Fisher Towers.

And this is my last photo from Utah. Morning over Canyonlands.


  1. I know I sure enjoyed that trip too! What a magnificent country we live in….sure wish I had traveled more outside the state of California when I had the time and ability.

    I traveled alone a lot, slept in the back seat of my big ole Pontiac. Got to stick to my own wants and tastes in climate, scenery, etc. I didn’t get lonely and never had a bad experience….lucky I guess, and it was pretty much OK to do that back then. Dogs are usually good traveling companions but Maggie just doesn’t appreciate it. Glad yours do.

  2. Road trips are the best! I love being able to change directions if things aren’t working out.

  3. Haha…..when are you moving to Utah?

    • It’s a NICE place to visit for sure! But I like living in Washington, especially in the Methow Valley.

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