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We saw lots of bison in Yellowstone. It’s been a long winter for them (and everyone else) and their preferred route through the park is the paved, plowed road. We were often in bison jams. A scientist explained to us that if a bison is holding its tail up, it is ready to charge or discharge. And they have been known to charge cars. People too, under bad circumstances. You really do want to avoid getting close to these huge mammals. All of these photos, except the one with the scopes, were made from the car. It was pretty nerve-wracking to watch the enormous bull walk past that row of scopes knowing that if he made one turn, they’d all be smashed to the ground.


  1. Great photos! These bisons have been through history. Wish they could share with us some of their stories.

  2. Like Alaska, if you can’t see them in person it’s hard to grasp their size! Nice job.

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