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Here are a few snapshots from our trip to Yellowstone. I was struck by the vast vistas and towering mountains all around us. Every time we stepped out of the car, there was another jaw-dropping scene. The weather was mostly cold with temperatures dipping as low as minus twenty at the start of the trip with sunny skies. Later in the week it warmed up to the twenties and even thirties and there was snowfall, heavy at times. But we were prepared with all of our cold weather gear. I found that my feet got cold in the car while I was wearing my big boots so when we’d drive somewhere I’d remove them and keep the blood flowing to my toes. Occasionally my fingers got cold when I was busy looking through the scope or making photos.

We stayed outside of Gardiner for three nights and in Cooke City for two nights. Cooke City is interesting. It is ‘the end of the road’ for the long winter season. The main transportation around there is by snow machine. We were the odd ones out because we like walking! It was pretty obvious that we were tourists.

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