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We arrived in Juneau at 7 am and got to check into our hotel immediately. A friend who we’d only met once before, here in the valley, said she’d take us to see the sights. That was super nice of Rebecca and her dog Tilli. Tilli is an English Shepard in training to be a search and rescue dog. We had a terrific time seeing the Mendenhall Glacier and downtown Juneau.

As we departed the ferry, we were invited by union members to participate in a protest at the state capitol steps at noon. It seems that the governor has proposed cutting the funding for the Alaska Marine Highway system. These ferries are often the only way for Alaskan’s to get around since many small towns are off the road system. They also provide much-needed tourism dollars to the economy. You can read about the protest here. If you look closely at the photos, you can see Rebecca and me.

After she went to work, we rode the tram overlooking the town and then wandered around downtown, looking at all the cruise ship tourists. Cruise ships have changed the character of many of the small towns of Alaska although they also provide tourism dollars. Always a trade-off.

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