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We arrived in Denali in the afternoon and after seeing the visitors’ center we drove on the one road that is open to cars. Because we were just ahead of the ‘summer’ season, cars were allowed thirty miles into the park. Normally, they can only go fifteen miles and visitors must takes buses to see more. As we approached the Savage River area, Ken said “I sure hope we see a caribou.” Around the next corner, there they were – five of them waiting to cross the road. And then there were a few more! I said, “I sure hope we see a wolverine.” But that didn’t work.

According to the park literature, the Denali herd once numbered over 20,000 animals. Currently there are less than 2,000. We saw them each time we went into the park and once we saw one next to the highway outside of the park. They reminded me of white-tailed deer because the underside of their tails is white and sometimes when they run, the tail stands up straight like the deer.

I felt pretty lucky to see them!

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