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My husband, Ken Bevis, is a guitar-playing folk singer who writes original songs. Of course, he also has a day job working as a wildlife biologist for the state and has no intentions of quitting that day job. Whew.

He recently came out with his second CD, Great Divide. And to celebrate he had a CD Release Concert at the Merc Playhouse in Twisp. The Merc is an intimate theatre with not a lot of room for moving around. So I shot photos from near the second row and from the aisle in the top row in hopes of not disturbing the folks that came to listen.

For the CD Ken included many talented musicians and he invited all of them to play at the concert and fortunately most of them were able to be there. It took lots of planning and coordination. At no time were all of the players able to rehearse together. Fortunately they all know how to improvise and the concert was a rousing success! The Merc was sold out – there were nearly 150 people for the show! More than one person told me, that’s the best music performance of the year. One person even said it was the best ever! The accompanying musicians were Lynette Westendorf, Arnold Cleveland, John Weeks, Julie Dubois, Laura Love, Carl Bevis, Don McIvor, and Wayne Mendro.

You can find the CD’s at The Winthrop Gallery, in Winthrop, or contact me to get one directly from Ken, or order it from his website.

You can see highlights from his first CD Release Concert, Wanderer’s Moon, here.

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