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On our recent road trip, the girls and I spent a week in eastern Nevada. It was all new to us. I had never really contemplated what the phrase ‘basin and range’ meant. I thought it was mostly flat and desert-like with mountains here and there. That’s not the case at all. It has broad flat valleys that start at 5000′ elevation and are surrounded by high mountains, many going over 10,000′! As we drove through these valleys and over high passes, I was constantly amazed at the rugged snow-capped mountain ranges. Since it was May, the temperatures were cool and sometimes freezing overnight. I imagine it is brutal during the hot summer months. We saw familiar wildflowers but they were all short and seemed to be putting out all their energy before summer arrives. It must be a very short growing season.

Our friends from Montana joined us for a few days. Luna and Sky were surprised that Junie is almost grown up at nine months old. Gus was skeptical. We tried to get a four dog portrait but it never really worked. While Junie looks grown up, she is still a big puppy! Next time! We did a day trip to Great Basin National Park. The road to the high point was not open to cars due to snow so we walked on it instead. I’d like to go back and see the bristlecone pine trees and enjoy the night sky at over 10,000′!

Nevada is full of tiny towns, some on the brink of disappearing into history. Some are having a kind of renaissance, improving on historical features and counting on the great natural beauty to bring a few tourists to their communities. I wanted to say, be careful what you wish for. Don’t become Utah.


    • Susan Burgdorff-Beery
    • Posted May 26, 2021 at 9:52 am
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    Hi Teri, It looks like we travelled on some of the same routes. We stayed one night at Great Basin NP, and had taken Hwy 50 across Nevada. I loved it. I agree, most of the towns in Utah had grown alot (too much), in 18 years. I could not even recognize Moab. So your class was in Kanab? Not Moab?

    What is the object on the ground that Luna & Sky’s leashes are attached to? What happened to Sky? Were you on Hwy 50 then? How is Luna doing? I’m glad everyone seems okay. Take Care Susan

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    • Hi Susan – I’ll send you an email with answers to all your questions! Thanks.


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