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Last night’s show of the Aurora Borealis was unbelievable. The lights were moving as if in a celestial dance. They glowed, made curtains, pillars, and moved throughout the sky from the northwest to the northeast and back again, sometimes filling the entire northern sky. They towered high above the horizon. They were green, red, pink and clouds glowed purple. Moonlight splashed a glowing light on the snow-covered landscape.

I could have made photos all night. These are from around 11 til midnight. The last batch was from 9:30 til 10:30 or so. Later Ken woke me at 4 am and said I really should get up to see them again. We just stood in awe of the scenes we were seeing. I did not get the camera out again. It was truly an unbelievable experience.


  1. SO beautiful. Thanks for sharing!’

  2. So beautiful! Is there a way to figure out when they are most likely to occur?

    • You can get an app for that or sign up for email notices from Space Weather or probably some other sites.

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