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Sky and I went to Loon Lake, WA last week for a NADAC agility trial. We met several friends there and had a terrific time. Out of fifteen runs, we had three qualifiers and three runs with only one error. For us, that’s a very good showing. We know our weak spots and what we need to work on before the next event.

Along the way in both directions, I stopped as often as possible to explore the landscapes. It is really a beautiful part of the state and with fall colors, even more so. We crossed the Loup (Loup Loup Pass), went down the lower Okanogan and across the Columbia, up to Grand Coulee and then south to Wilbur at highway 2. From there we went north at Reardan to Springdale and over to Loon Lake. There’s a lot of little towns in Washington and the highways don’t often go directly from one community to the next. This sounds like a complicated route but really, it’s the quickest way. On the way home, we went from Springdale to Fruitland and then down to Creston, making for a longer trip with an overnight stop but it was worth it to meet new friends and see the mountains between Springdale and the Columbia and various wildlife too. I saw lots of white-tailed deer and wild turkeys and a coyote and a porcupine. I also got to see some of the Carpenter Canyon wildfire that burned this summer.

On the way to Loon Lake


Two videos from the agility trial


On the way home


Before we went to the beach we attended an agility trial at Argus Ranch Facility for Dogs near Black Diamond. It was Sky’s very first trial. We started training last spring and gradually added more obstacles throughout the year and finally she was old enough and ready to give it a try. It was very fun! And it was a real learning experience. She and I have a lot to work on but right now she looks like she has great potential. Watching the videos it is apparent that the only thing slowing her down is me! On her first run at her first event she got a qualifying score and a blue ribbon. She had seven other chances over the weekend and while we both had a lot of fun, there were no more ribbons. Like I said, we have a lot to work on.

Here is the video from that first run:

As you can see, she was ready to go before I was!

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