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After a couple of months of snow and cold here at home, it seemed downright balmy in western Washington. Folks over there thought it was cold with frost in the morning and cars coated with ice. Walking on grass and dirt seemed almost refreshing. We lucked out and had little rain and the sun even came out from time to time.




Sky and I went to an agility trial near Auburn over the weekend. It was sponsored by the Extreme Agility Team (EAT) and held at Argus Ranch for Dogs. Sky and I are a work in progress, still learning how to communicate and get through courses¬†cleanly and quickly. Sky has a strong drive to do agility. however my skills are lacking to keep up with her speed and she often has to turn to me and say ‘what do you want me to do now? I don’t understand you.’ However, when it comes together, we can do very well.

Agility trials are lots of fun. Well, they are lots of fun if you like dogs.

Here is our Tunnels run. We did have a clean run that was fast enough to qualify, came in first and earned our Open title in Tunnels with this. However, to compete at the next, Elite level, we will have to eliminate the indecision and spinning in the middle of the run. We have to be faster.




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