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It’s SO nice to have an oven again. For more than four years since we have lived here, the oven in this house has always been touchy and didn’t always work and now that it has been replaced, just last week, I am tickled to be able to push the start button and know that I can cook using something other than a hot range (that won’t simmer) or a slow cooker! Yesterday I made a braised pork roast with ginger and garlic. Today I made some rolls and bread using local organic flour from Bluebird Grain Farms.


Dinner rolls in the oven. The dishwasher, that replaced the old one in February, is reflected in the window.


I’m out of practice. They varied in size and shape.


Almost perfectly golden. And trust me, they were wonderful.


And a small loaf of bread.

Can’t you just smell it? Nothing better than fresh bread from the oven.


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