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Our last stop was in the Bitterroot Valley to visit some good friends. We enjoyed another really nice hike in the mountains and playing with their new puppy. Don’t ask me why I don’t have photos of the pup. I don’t know. That’s just not like me. You can see Mary’s photos from the hike here. It was hard to say goodbye and end the trip but it’s always good to be home.

Yellowstone is home to all manner of wildlife and we enjoyed watching lots and lots of animals in the snow. Our biggest challenges were moose, otters and fox. We did find one fox on our last day as we were leaving the park. We never saw an otter. And as we approached our friends’ house, south of Missoula, Brad jumped out of his car and began waving his arms like crazy. What? There was a cow/calf pair of moose in the pasture not a mile from their house. They weren’t in the park but we were happy to see them on our vacation to Montana and Yellowstone!

We left the Big Hole Battlefield and stopped at Jackson (home of Bubba the nearly fifteen year old basset hound at Rose’s Cantina) before our final destination – Bannack.

Bannack was Montana’s first territorial capital and the site of Montana’s first major gold strike. You just imagine its wild and woolly history. It is now a well-preserved ghost town along Grasshopper Creek with over sixty buildings to explore. Being a holiday weekend we found the parking lot to be quite full. However it never seemed crowded while we strolled through the town and poked around in the old buildings. Many visitors brought dogs. Not us. Mary and I took many photos and Ken enjoyed learning to pan for gold along with a bunch of kids. Volunteers were leading tours and demonstrating gold mining and performing music of the era.



Luna and I had a great visit in Montana. We did well at our first agility trial and even though we did not get any qualifications, we showed improvement throughout the weekend and had a couple of ‘clean’ runs. We will try it again sometime. Luna loved playing with her new buddy, the puppy – Gus! All things come to an end so we said our goodbye’s and headed down the 400 miles of road to home.


 Gus and his people


 Luna, we need to get going.


Serviceberry and pines


Balsamroot, serviceberry and pines


Lilypads on a pond in Idaho


An ancient apple tree in bloom shows that someone once tried to make a life in this wild wet place in Idaho



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