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No matter how much a person loves the place she lives, I think it’s always good to have a change of scenery. Yesterday Marcy and I and our dogs headed south to explore some of the coulee country spread across northern Douglas and Grant Counties. We enjoyed vast views across the flat wheat land of the Waterville Plateau with constantly changing weather conditions from sun breaks to various kinds of clouds and scattered rain showers. And then there were the geologic wonders of the water-carved coulees and amazing Dry Falls, left behind by the Ice Age Floods that occurred and reoccurred thousands of years ago.

It was a good day.

I got out of the valley one day last week to do some birding in areas that really are ready for spring. We were hoping for a few winter specialties like Snowy Owls and Snow Buntings. We did see two very distant Snowy Owls in a field of green winter wheat with the last traces of snow still on it. But we dipped on the buntings. Other highlights included singing Sagebrush Sparrows in the coulee, a first of the season Mountain Bluebird, quite a good number of Rough-legged Hawks, three Golden Eagles and one sleepy Northern Saw-whet Owl. We were mostly in northern Douglas County but found the little owl on its regular roost near Bridgeport State Park in Okanogan County.

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