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Finally, the snow is retreating, leaving enough bare ground that a person can safely walk without getting her feet wet. Muddy, but not wet. Little patches of green grass are everywhere (except in our yard which is a whole other topic best left alone). Tiny forbs are sending out small shoots and I was even able to find one tiny flower. Sky found her own treasure.

Almost Spring. Mud Season. That time when the snow is no longer fresh and fun and where the ground is exposed, it is muddy. Some days it seems like the melt is coming quickly and then it snows again. We received six inches of heavy wet snow a couple days ago. The new stuff is mostly gone but there is still at least a foot of snow in the untrammeled areas and way more where it’s been piled up over the winter. New snow delays the onset of Spring. Some mornings the snow is frozen and easy to walk across. Not today. According to the calendar, spring arrives next weekend.

Receding snow reveals things left behind last fall – the extra dog water dish, last year’s flowers, detritus from the fire. It also reveals new growth and signs of Spring. Just try to keep your feet dry.

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