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The girls and I got away for four nights last weekend to a favorite camping spot in the Okanogan Highlands. The weather continues to be cold for this time of year. One morning, there was thick frost on everything and one evening, in addition to rain, there was a good hail storm. Never a dull moment. We kept warm in the camper and kept moving outside. With the chilly weather, few people were camping so we mostly had the place to ourselves. That was nice.

Even Luna enjoyed the time away from home. She’s always been a good traveler and is eager to explore new places. She had a real spring in her step. Sky was excited to be camped next to a lake and I was excited to get in my boat and to see all the birds. We could see and hear the loons from our campsite. It was wonderful.

The girls and I recently returned from an adventurous fifteen-day roadtrip to Nevada and Utah. Did you know that eastern Nevada has LOTS of really high mountains? Like 10,000 feet and higher? Really an amazing landscape. And it’s so large, we barely saw any of it. And it’s remote. Really remote. Sky had a medical emergency on a Sunday and I managed to get a large animal veterinarian on the phone and he said, ‘Lady, you are in the middle of nowhere. No one here can take care of your dog. You need to go to Vegas or Salt Lake City.’ We ended up going to Elko, but that’s another story. Thanks to the wonders of modern veterinary medicine, Sky is fine now.

Our destination was the Nightscaper Conference in Kanab, Utah. Ken flew down to explore the sights and wrangle the dogs while I was filling my brain with more information than it could ever hold.

Here are a few images from the trip down there.

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