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Oh my gosh – what a thing to even consider. Ken has brought home steelhead with skeins of eggs in them before and we always admired their beauty and wondered about eating them. They are a feast for the eyes – that’s for sure. I had been looking for a recipe to make them into caviar and found this one at Hunter|Angler|Gardener|Cook. It was surprisingly easy and took little time. I find it to be a little too salty and maybe it’s an acquired taste; I certainly didn’t like anchovies when I first tried them but now a Casesar dressing is tasteless without them. And a little bit of the caviar goes a long ways. The texture is wonderful – firm and then pop, and you get a little bit of the briny essential flavor of fish. It’s certainly something I’ll try again if Ken brings home more steelhead roe.



I waited for better light but it wasn’t coming


The tiny little silver spoon could use some polish.


A delicacy


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